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This is news I found on myspace from a angels love,,.Enjoy the truth.

Life’s Scales


Like pieces of a puzzle, the many different aspects of your being come together to form the person that you are. You work and play, rest and expend energy, commune with your body and soul, exalt in joy, and feel sorrow. Balance is the state that you achieve when all of the aspects of your life and self are in harmony. Your life force flows in a state of equilibrium because nothing feels out of sync. While balance is necessary to have a satisfying, energetic, and joyful life, only you can determine what balance means to you.

Achieving balance requires that you assess what is important to you. The many demands of modern life can push us to make choices that can put us off balance and have a detrimental effect on our habits, relationships, health, and career. In creating a balanced lifestyle, you must ascertain how much time and energy you are willing to devote to the different areas of your life. To do so, imagine that your life is a house made up of many rooms. Draw this house, give each part of your life its own room, and size each room according to the amount of importance you assign to that aspect of your life. You can include family, solitude, activities that benefit others, healthy eating, indulgences, exercise and working on self. You may discover that certain elements of your life take up an inordinate amount of time, energy, or effort and leave you with few resources to nurture the other aspects of your life. You may want to spend less time on these activities and more on the ones that fulfill you.

A balanced lifestyle is simply a state of being in which one has time and energy for obligations and pleasures, as well as time to live well and in a gratifying way. With its many nuances, balance can be a difficult concept to integrate into your life. Living a balanced existence, however, can help you attain a greater sense of happiness, health, and fulfillment.


Love & Light,
♥Angel Love♥

You Are on Time

Listen to Me when I say that everything is on time. If you never gave credit to Me until today, you are on time. And if you dillydally about serving Me, that doesn't take away from your serving Me. Of course, serving Me is serving All. You serve on time.

Librarians may say you are late or overdue, but I say there is no early and there is no late. There is no overdue. What can I mean but that everything is on time whenever it is? Whatever it is occurs right now. The past, long or short, disappears. Everyone starts anew. Everyone starts even. There is really no catching up, and there is really no getting behind.

When may be an exigency in the world. However, whenever you take action, beloveds, it is the moment you do, and that moment is now.

What you did then or didn't do then matters not because there is no then or when.

All that you have to bear to the world, you bear it now. You bear and you deliver. There is no other cusp of timelessness to do it in.

Now is not a time, you understand. It is a point of energy. It is a point of love. It is a dot of eternity. There is no racing to meet it. There is no missing it. What you accomplish, beloveds, is yourself. That is all there is for you to do, to be yourself. At any one moment, you can't be someone else, and yet you can bring to the table of life what you never have before. You can serve yourself as you never have before. If you were selfish, you served yourself nothing. Everything you have given away, you have kept. You stored yourself in someone's heart, and so you are wherever they are. You cannot be lost. You have cast bread before the waters. When you cast yourself, you are found. When you withdraw yourself, you are hungry.

Can you imagine a standoffish God? Can you imagine My thinking of Myself and Myself alone? Of course, when I do think of you, and I am thinking of you all the time, I am thinking of Myself. Let's face it. There is nothing to think of but One, and there is no time at all to think of One in.

You take an expedition, and you march in place.

There is no place that you have not been, and yet you discover it anyway. You are on the frontiers of yourself, your Self. And yet you already know every curve and every light. You discover what you already know and never didn't know. You are wise beyond memory.

You are the vast territory before you. You exist in a maze of mirrors, and you see yourself everywhere. Sometimes you don't recognize yourself, and yet you are certainly looking right at yourself. You come in and out of view. You figure out a math problem which is not a problem at all. You solve nothing and know everything.

Nothing has to be solved. If you think there are problems to solve, dance on top of the problems instead. Bounce up and down on them. Leave them and come back, and by then, even though there is no then, the problem won't be there. It will have resolved itself. Instead of frowning, do cartwheels. Do handstands. Turn yourself and the world upside down, and then maybe the world will be right side up.

What is topsy-turvy and what is not? How do you know that when you are standing up that you are not lying down? How do you know that when you are lying down that you are not standing up? How do you know anything when you know nothing. And yet, when you know nothing, you know everything.

Love & Light,
♥Angel Love♥

Love & Gratitude
♥Angel Love♥

Soul Relationships and Physical Relationships

Those we are close to are related to us in complex ways, historically, biologically, and in terms of soul-connection. Yet often, what outpictures on the level of the physical does not reflect the intensity and meaningfulness of the soul connection that has brought us into proximity with another, whether for a few moments or for a lifetime.

Where the bond is strong and one of commitment, we tend to assume that there is a deeper connection. However, what is actually true is that this connection exists even where relationships do not function smoothly or carry a great deal of difficulty. Even in such cases, the soul connection may be one of a purely positive nature, though many serious problems or challenges may be manifesting on the physical plane.

The confusion about levels of relationship comes up commonly in two ways: when we feel a deep heart connection with someone, whether for a few moments or for many years, and this sense of connection is not reciprocated or acknowledged by the other, or, when we have a great deal of difficulty with another or suffer at the hands of another, and wonder why they are in our lives and what, that is positive, could be the purpose of such a relationship. In both cases, we are presuming a relationship on a different level that is the explanation or cause for what we are experiencing.

>The truth of soul relationships is more complex than most are aware of at this point. On the one hand, what one soul recognizes may not be what another is capable of perceiving at a given point in time. This does not make the relationship or connection untrue. It just means that the other is bound in their perception by limitations on the personality level and cannot register or be aware of the deeper currents of relatedness. The discrepancy between our own perception of things and that of someone else can lead to disappointment and even to sorrow if we do not understand that what exists at the soul level has to find its way into physical expression in its own way and time. In some instances this may not happen nor serve the highest good within a particular lifetime.

Similarly, with relationships that have a strong negative component, whether familial or introduced by external circumstances into our life. Souls never come together to harm each other. They always come together in order to further each other’s learning on the level of the heart and spirit. No matter who we encounter in life, especially in the context of a long-term connection, the other soul is crossing our path in order to convey something that we have chosen to learn. What this is, involves the mystery of embodied experience, and can shape the course of a lifetime.

Suffice it to say that, often, the direction we think things should go in with another, does not become the direction that they actually go in. This is not because the inner connection is not there or is faulty, but because the point of meeting with another brings into awareness for each participant, the portion of meaning they are capable of holding in the present, and what is true within the perception of one person may not be true for the other.

Souls, in their desire and capacity to help each other, may also choose periods of time apart from each other. Sometimes the separation is what is needed in order to further the relationship. Sometimes, the learning that takes place can only take place with periodic or intermittent contact with another. In addition, there are many levels of meeting or contact between souls. Souls have the capacity of meeting not just on the physical plane, but on the plane of dreams which, for many, involves actual meetings that are conducted within the energy-body while asleep.

The kind of communication and support that can take place through these non-physical meetings can be quite significant. They can further or continue a relationship, even where one participant has left their body through death. This is because those who have departed are still connected with us as souls and can choose, for various reasons, to meet us within our energy or dream bodies while asleep so that we may share further experience as part of an ongoing relationship.

Where souls are meeting primarily in the dream body as opposed to the physical body, it can happen either because the inner directives of one soul have caused them to depart from the physical plane while the other remains. It can also be caused by limitations on the level of the personality that prevent a soul from acknowledging the connection with another due to defensiveness, fear, or simply to a lack of awareness within the existing personality of what the soul knows on its own level. And so the inner connection is maintained when the personality has less say over making contact, generally at night, but sometimes also during the day.

At these times we may experience the presence of others with us where it seems that there is an intentionality to their being there, and a desire to communicate in words or through feeling. Becoming able to listen and to hear these communications without fear or self-invalidation, but with a sense of wanting to help and to love, is a task of the maturing soul that opens the door to the many faceted relationships that exist within the spiritual universe.

Finally, let it be said that souls also meet outside of their physical bodies because of the level of their spiritual development and their increased capacity to do so in an intentional way. These meetings are part of the growing development of consciousness to manifest reality in a myriad of ways.

In the end the connections with others on the level of the soul enrich life immeasurably, and add to the dimension of the physical, the dimension of the spiritual in ways that will one day become quite natural and commonplace, which, for today, may seem the exception.

The truth of soul relationships is more complex than most are aware of. Yet often, what outpictures on the level of the physical does not reflect the meaningfulness of the soul connection that has brought us into proximity with another. Awareness of these connections enrich life immeasurably, and add to the dimension of the physical, the dimension of the spiritual in ways that will one day become quite natural, which, for today, may seem the exception.

By Julie Redstone

http://www. lightomega. org