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Mystery by Lovestained

It has been said that if mans dreams all come true we will be part of two worlds,ours and a world of dreams come true,,.One world devided yet connected in every way to the past present and future.Sending you pos vibes from the future of your past and present day.Peace Man.

Katherine Dawn

Date: Mar 25, 2009 3:16 PM
Subject: Check out this video: Katherine Dawn covering Brand New Key/

Check out this video: Katherine Dawn covering Brand New Key/Melanie Scoff in 2004

Katherine Dawn Date: Sep 16, 2008 12:29 AM In the Word of God there is Hope. Without Hope...Faith begins to suffer and disolve. Keep the Word alive in your heart. Hope in your mind. And Faith will light ones way to a belonging. ie request: Google Galveston. There is an image of a statue I saw while there years back. It's the Storm statue. It is of a Man holding a Woman with child reaching up towards the sky. I also took a picture of the eye of Ike and wanted to put these two pics together. I thought of you spirit brother and knew you would hear my vision. I'll try and send you the pics. sister Katherine

Little MissOzzy



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Featuring RHOADS TO OZZ @11:00 p.m. with Very Special Honored Guest Performer Kelle Rhoads !


AND FLYIN' HIGH AGAIN @ 10:30 With Honored Special Guest Performer Kelli Garni, the Original Quiet Riot Bassplayer !



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in this world
Rock & Roll Tribute Foundation.®. B. Peace. Thx:)

IV BEEN HAUNTED BY MANY AND SEEK A HAUNTINED LIFE FOR REAL AND ON THE PARA REAL SEEKING THE TRUTH.. You asked who haunts me the most if my forefathers. as they haunt us all and we are clueless and dont call it a haunting,, we just feel the spirits of our forefathers alive and living with in us at times.. When I reflect on the history of my great great great Grand father who rode next to Gen. Robert E Lee holding the FLAG as many have seen in many paintings and old pictures such as this hard to see, yet I wanted you to get a closer look,, so rite click and save and and zoom in if you care the read about some of our roots anf family tree. W are tied together in peace.. I never made a flag yet I worked with a man that made every flag you can image and way beyond. along with doing live art and music events that make many very happy to see Mr. George Draghici Plaint manager of Dixie Flag. and Performance Artists, paint live to dance art and music.. Iv taken it to a Rock paranormal Texas Peace Concert Level and my flag I hold is called the Texas Peace Sign Flag of respect and hornor as we help each other help them self. Making peace not wr and uniting our family and friends together we are stronger then all in peace man. RB. Thx:)

Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now


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children of the sun

As a run away from billions as a child to be free and poor as can be and rich as can be with my most priceless friends had made me strong.. I even out lived the evil ones my father and two wicket half brothers.. goes to show,, if you put a price on anything,,make it priceless friends that benefit,, not greedy war monsters..What is true treasure beyond measure. The answer is simple..Friendship is my true treasure beyond measure the single most priceless gift any one could ever truly have and is true treasure beyond measure.Friendship. The most help I ever got was with a little help from me friends.Your Bro & FRIEND RB.Peace Man.Thanks for being my friends.I get a little help from me friends.

Church Under the Milky Way Tonight
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Stephen King Fan Club
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Check out this video: Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again (Live 1982)

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As I set my self on auto pilot and type and few words high in the skies heading towards the big D.. I look out and fly into the storm and see many twisters hight up here forming.. amazing the acts of God and his super life form the clouds and the air we breath,, the water that we live on.. all things alive live on such a amazing life we are one with the eye of the storm together.. You are eternal alway and forever my eternal love planets sweet mother earth.. Oh how I love the so soring so high apon your waze of clouds and see the stars brite as day and below the heavy storm Im flying in.. bounsing a bit .. like a rock bouncing off the lake,, feels wonderful...riding the cloud wave should be a sport.. so many wazes of mother earths emotions...Well now I better get back before I get bounded out of if..Iv been in the eye of the storm all my life.. no better way to travel fast.Jet stream is much faster,, but down here its like surfing at the moment..I need to turn back to the rite and head towards that monster storms... Ok well enjoy,, was delayed,, but you never knew it, like the fly on the shoulder of a pilot on a spaceship passing the speed of time..has no idea it just made Man..Pray Over the World Always and Forever God sends his Angels to watch over thee..May God Bless You All With a Angel of Truth With The Anwsers You Seek In Peace Man.Driving into the pool of time.Over and Out in and about on the inside out on the flip side of time and times again...,

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We all live behind a mask. Have A Great Weekend Happy or sad. Rb. Thx:)


▄▀▄.®. B00GiE. MaN;)▄▀▄

RRTF Texas Global Peace Concert.®. B. Thx:)


Just stoppin by to show you some Love. Your RB. Peace. Thx:-)


Check out this video: The Rolling Stones - You cant always get what you want

The Rolling Stones 1968

♥Angel Love♥


Getting the Love We Want
by Jennifer Hoffman


>Our life journey is focused on getting love, not in a romantic sense, but receiving the validation, valuation, respect, honor and appreciation that we want from others. We can spend a lifetime seeking this until we learn two things-when we settle for less than what we want we block the flow of love to us and being able to detach and release is as important as being willing to give love in order to receive it. The love we want is really the physical manifestation of the unconditional love that we know in spirit and the love we receive from others is merely a mirror of the love we have for ourselves... So how do we get the love we want when our experience may show us that we get some love, but not always what we want and we are afraid that if we let that go we will not have another chance at getting or receiving love?

We all want everyone to love us because we are a good person. We want everyone to treat us as we treat them and to acknowledge us for who we are. And we are not always selective. We cast out our 'love net' and hope that we will catch something that will meet at least a small portion of our needs. The belief that we should be happy with what we get and not complain or expect more is what causes us to settle for less than what we really want. We get the love we want when we narrow our focus to that alone and let everything else move on..

Sometimes our lesson is to learn to hold out for what we truly want and to say 'no' to those things that are not right for us. We are being challenged to acknowledge that what others give us is the best that they have to give. If that is not right for us, it's not that something is wrong with them, we need to look at the energy that we are putting out and look at where we are accepting less than we desire or deserve. There is a lot of pressure on us at this time to detach from those things that are not right for us, that take our energy, do not bring us joy and create drama and chaos..

Two things cannot occupy the same energetic space at the same time. So if we are in any situation that does not meet our needs, its replacement cannot manifest until we are willing to detach and let go. We must also be committed to our joy and to what we want in our lives, not allowing ourselves to get sidetracked into situations and relationships where we have to settle. Trusting that the Universe brings us exactly what we ask for, believe we can have what we want and remaining true to ourselves is so important in this process... and when we love ourselves enough to release our attachments to everything and everyone that does not give us exactly what we want we can get the love we want and as much as we need!


urielheals. com

Next Paranormal Seminar Fri,June 6th. @ Bonds 007

I do paranormal seminars from time to time and teach others of the paranormal truth,,Only select students make it to check out any real case..Now I open the door to all after they understand the basic paranormal facts I go over in person with them. So if Would you like to go on a Ghost Hunt In San Antonio or other places.. REview this list in San Antonio and near by places.. We can go check them out.. RB.Peace

San Antonio - The Alamo - Cold spots and a feeling of melancholy can be felt throughout the Fort. 189 Alamo defenders and at least 1200 Mexican soldiers fought and died here in San Antonio, many without the benefit of a proper burial leaving a lot of lost souls in search of a eternal resting place, thus making San Antonio one of the most haunted cities in America.

San Antonio - Alamo quarry theaters - well the theater was built over an old cement factory and well rumor has it that there are bodies trapped in the foundation, witnesses that work there have seen a child in the projection room , and have felt various cold spots on the second floor on both sides of the theaters. And at night when the auditorium?s light inside would dim slowly down then on and the process would repeat itself until you left the auditorium.

San Antonio - Alamo Street Theater - There is a ghost by the name Margarite that haunts the establishment. The theater is in an old church building and she is usually seen in the choir loft in Victorian garb.

San Antonio - The Alamodome - Before the Alamodome was built, existed a bad neighborhood where a lady got raped and killed. She has been seen walking around the parking lot, as if to be lost. Years passed and the neighborhood was demolished and the dome was built. While constructing the dome, a worker was walking on a high beam and made a wrong step and fell to his death. He is seen walking the long halls of the dome. Last but not least, a famous daredevil died while performing a stunt. It is reported, that you are sure to hear footsteps, screams, mumbling, moans and see shadows walking along about their business.

San Antonio - Bexar - Caribbean Apartments - Now known as the Willow Run apartments. These apartments have been in business for over 60 years. Before they were turned into apartments, it was a Motel business. The doors were painted in light yellow and blue pastels. Existing in what used to be the outskirts of town and just outside of Castle Hills, it would bring many customers of all races and origins. It was during this time that a rape and murder occurred in the North end of the complex. Every now and then in the middle of the night a woman's cry can be heard in the rear hallways. And in one of the apartment units, a suicide where a single mother overdosed on pain medication leaving her two year old to fend for herself. The child eventually died of starvation. The mother's body was found on the bed. The child's body was found on the floor next to the bed. It is unknown whether the overdose was accidental or intentional. When this particular apartment is empty the occupants of the downstairs apartment can hear the pitter patter of little feet walking up and down the upstairs unit. On occasion, a woman can be heard crying. Loud thumps can also be heard. Lights turn on and off by themselves and the toilet will flush on it's own. An occupant of the downstairs apartment noted that her young daughter told her "she was playing with a little girl". Believing that the child had an imaginary playmate, the mother discounted her little daughter's claims. Until one evening while the mother was sitting in the living room watching TV and her little girl was playing in the hallway with a small toy, she saw her daughter toss the small toy across the hallway into the front bedroom. The door had been left open. Then she heard her daughter talk to this imaginary friend to "give it back". To the mother's surprise, something or someone tossed the small toy back to her daughter. The mother kept watching and realized that there really was "someone or something" there. On another occasion while sleeping, she felt the touch of little fingers playing with her toes or gently tugging at her blankets. The apartment where the "suicide" took place is constantly vacant. Tenants seem to come and go and never stay longer than three years. And when the apartment is occupied, the "occurrences" diminish and or are none existent until the apartment is vacant again.

San Antonio - Bexar - Kindred elementary - it is said that a plane crashed in the field and when you enter the restrooms the sink will turn on and you could hear voices while you walk on the field.

San Antonio - Bexar - Spanish Main Apartments - Rittiman Rd. - If your sitting at the bottom of the stairs you can see from the side of your Eyes a little boy at the top of the stairs.

San Antonio - Bexar - The train tracks - In the 20's a bus full of kids was struck by a train on the southwest side of town. I have been there, it is real if you put your car there in neutral something pushes your car over the tracks. Sometimes if you look you can see small hand prints people believe this to be the small children who died in that accident.

San Antonio - Bexar - Tro Bridge - you?ll see a long bridge that is above water and if you look down while your walking across you?ll feel people grabbing your legs. no ever goes all the way cause they get to scared from the grabbing.

San Antonio - Brackenridge Villa Mansion - - built in the 1840's, is said to also have activity. Strange shadows are spotted from its windows. Further, there is documentation that this campus had been inhabited for nearly 7,000 years by Native Americans, who were attracted to it since the campus is the source of the San Antonio River.

San Antonio - Brooks AFB - When fog rolls onto the base, at night, it is known that there is a young lady that walks around with a pack on her back. Cops on the base have told when they fall asleep on duty she will tap you on the shoulder to wake you up.

San Antonio - The Cadillac Bar - The ghost of an old owner is seen in the storage basement of the building and there is another ghost named "Beatrice", who was a former employee. She is a "negative spirit" because she was very unhappy and not pretty when she was alive. She turns on sinks and throws kitchen utensils. Many employees have seen both ghosts.

San Antonio - Camberly Gunter Hotel - The Camberly Gunter Hotel is haunted by the ghost of a prostitute who was murdered there by one of her tricks in the early 1960's. The room she was murdered in was found covered in blood but no body was ever found. A picture of her hangs in the Lobby Bar. The man who murdered her was said to have then checked in to the Menger Hotel in San Antonio three blocks away where he also disappeared without a trace.

San Antonio - Chinese Graveyard - Go down Zazamora after you pass Loop 410 keep going the road will make a slight turn to the right and on the right (it is hard to see so go slow) there will be a big white cross. Pull in turn the car off along with lights its better with the windows down.

Quickly flash your lights five times and look and listen for talking and white apparitions around the very small graveyard

San Antonio - Commanche Look-out Hill - Sources say they have seen ghost of the men that were stationed at the fort. They also have reported that they have seen Indians there.

San Antonio - Crown Plaza St. Anthony - There are known stories of sightings of strange shadowy outlines and feelings of a presence in the room, and the opening and closing of doors. Some also say that they here footsteps behind them as if someone were following them.

San Antonio - Devils bridge - It is so dark in there that you shine your high beams you will only be able to see few feet ahead. Also if you find a big rock throw it into the bridge; do not be surprised if you do not here the rock land.

San Antonio - Douglass Elementary - some say that Douglass elementary was built on a Indian burial ground and that a janitor died in the auditorium, there the doors would slam shut by themselves and the piano would start playing. Witnesses could hear people walking and talking when they would spend the night there but every time they checked there was no one there.

San Antonio - Edison High School - It's been said that teachers and janitors have seen ghostly children in their classrooms late at night. Some even say that at night if you listen closely you can hear the sounds of laughing children in the hallways.

San Antonio - Eisenhower Middle School - A country boy has been seen in the cafeteria. The school used to be a ranch.

San Antonio - The Emily Morgan Hotel - Floor nine is a very active floor. Having been unaware that the building housed wounded soldiers during the battle of the Alamo, we stayed there on floor nine in room 902. We were the only ones on the floor yet doors opened and closed all night long. At one point he toilet seat slammed itself up and down about ten times while we were in the adjacent room. A bottle of wine slid off of the counter by itself as did the coffee pot the next morning and the elevator would not take us to the floor we wanted. Once we did get moving the doors would open and shut about ten times before standing still long enough to let us out. Management had responded to earlier complaints of the same but the motor was fine.

San Antonio - Espada Park - There are railroad tracks here that are said to be haunted by some kids that were hit by a train while riding in a bus. When people come here and park their cars about ten to twelve feet away from the tracks, the ghostly kids push the car to safety.

San Antonio - Fort Sam Houston - There are several officers quarters on this old Amy post that are said to be haunted. At one you can at times hear the sound of a piano playing. There is another house where there is of a child who will move items around the house. There is an older, large wooden quarters, where those that live in the house hear footsteps.

San Antonio - Fort Sam Houston Old B.A.M.C. - This place is known to be extremly haunted.sounds can be heard inside and even outside of this building of people talking.Around toward the ambulance area you get a strong sense of fear.There is also a light that remains on even though there is no electricity in the building.

San Antonio - Highlands High School - doors slamming shut in bad weather, lights shutting off in meetings, kicking and screaming in between the walls of room 111.

San Antonio - Historic Spanish Missions - In an area of town known for its historic Spanish missions, there is a RR track that was the scene of a train and bus accident. The bus was carrying children home from school when it got stuck on the tracks. The train hit it and all children were killed. Now if you put your car in neutral about 100 yards from the track, it will begin to roll uphill, over the tracks. It is said that the ghosts of the children push you over the tracks. There is a heavy Satanic presence in this same can almost be felt.

San Antonio - Hot Wells Motel - Site of an old Burnt down hotel. Rumor has it that Hot Wells was known for its luxury spas and the numerous fires that took place in Rm. 13. The Fowl Smell of the dead still lingers there even after its been burnt for 46 yrs.

San Antonio - Institute of Texas Culture - There are stories of pipe smoke (unexplained) being smelled there, footsteps near the audio/visual room, rearranged books in library, back of 1898 glass hearse being opened and other activity around it.

San Antonio - McKnay Museum - This used to be the residence of the McKnay family. Widow McKnay was an art collector who turned her home into a museum. The West Wing of this musuem was beginning construction when old lady McKnay passed away. It is said that "Old Lady McKnay" has been seen walking the halls and passing through walls when "floating" from one building to another. She's only seen at night, mostly by security and museum personnel. She never speaks, but if you're lucky enough, she might appear to 'look' in your direction. Also a females voice "humming" an unrecognizable tune can be heard coming from the downstairs area of the West Wing library.

San Antonio - Menger Hotel - haunted by the spirit of a chambermaid who was killed there by her husband. Other ghosts include "Buckskin" and "the Ghost of the King Room.

San Antonio - North Star Mall - Shadows that walk by and if you work there you will here your name whispered.

San Antonio - Old Nacogdoches Rd Comanche Park Tower - Many ghosts have been seen on the grounds of Comanche Park, aka Comanche Look-Out Hill. There have been sightings of old soldiers who were said to have been stationed there. And many people have also reported having seen the forms of Indians there. Another place that ties in with this area is Old Nacogdoches Road. Many people, usually driving down this road during the night hours, have claimed to see Indians, and soldiers walking along side the road. There is also a creek that intersects the road that has been said to be the host for many Indian apparition sightings.

San Antonio - Old Onion House - Said to be haunted by ghosts of people that used to live there by the last name of onion.

San Antonio - Old Stone Ridge Rd - If you drive down this street at night with your lights off en route to the old children's cemetery, strange things happen. Once, the locks on the doors of our car went up and down. And they weren't automatic locks. Supposedly, the Donkey Lady is responsible for the hauntings. Killed and badly mangled in an auto wreck when some friends of hers were driving down the road one night with no lights on, she haunts the woods around the area and protects the souls of the small children buried in the cemetery.

an Antonio - Our Lady of the Lake University - This university is said to carry ageless stories of past inhabitants who still walk the halls and campus grounds.

ome of the more famous ones include the once janitor who haunts the basement of the library, the ghosts of the dorms, ghostly nuns, and a famous headless apparition who walks the halls of what is now the elementary school across the street, but was once a dorm for the university

San Antonio - Plaza Marriott - The Lady has been at this hotel for years. The hotel property includes 4 buildings on the Historic Register, and The Lady was believed to be the widow of the owner of one of these buildings. She hung herself and her cat in what is now the exercise facility (was her home, specifically the "front room" or "living room"). Now she can be seen on the upper levels of the main hotel building usually in a long white dress or nightdress, and holding her cat, stroking its head. She has been seen in the employee corridors in the basement, and standing among the trees in the garden. Lights come on and off occasionally with no warning and no reason, and drawers at the front desk have a tendency of opening by themselves.

San Antonio - Providence High School- In the 1950's their was a nun who loved the school so much that when she passed away her sisters decided that since she loved the school she should be buried on the school grounds. Years later Providence decided to build a gym over the spot where the nun was buried forgetting she was there. Today if you walk in the gym and step in a certain area it is hollow. Also a night the nun is seen walking the halls by the many Freshman that attend the lock in. Even after death the nun continues to watch over her beloved.

San Antonio - Rail Road tracks - is a railroad crossing in San Antonio that is said to be haunted. Some children were on a school bus when it stalled and the train hit the bus killing them all. If you go to that area at nightfall on the anniversary the arms will come down the lights will blink and you will here a train and feel wind but there is no train. You will feel your car being pushed away from the tracks even in park. If you dust baby powder on the hood of you car you will see imprints of little hands in the powder and when the "train" is gone your car will have been moved back several feet. We went with 5 other cars and all cars had hand prints and each car had been pushed back about 4 feet.

San Antonio - River Center Mall - Has been reported to have river ghost along with fish ghost swimming along the San Antonio River that talk to you.

San Antonio - Santa Rosa Hospital - Many people do not like to work the night shift at Santa Rosa Hospital because they have either seen or heard about a headless nun who glides around. Many people have admitted to seeing the nun.

San Antonio - Shane and Villamain Roads - the spirits of children who were killed in a bus accident at the intersection push one's car off the tracks. This has been documents on film. Put your car in neutral and the cars will roll up hill and over the tracks.

San Antonio - Santikos Century Plaza 8 - It is said that at night when your they alone that you hear chain dragging on the grounds of the theater and you would hear banging on the ceiling.

San Antonio - St. Anthony Hotel - A 1909 San Antonio Hotel haunted by a Hispanic employee named Anita, an elderly lady in a women's bathroom, a sad young woman who is in the roof ballroom, and a ghostly couple who frequently come back to a certain hotel room to re-live their honeymoon. More ghosts are there, but many are unknown. Reports of being followed, people see shadowy outlines, doors opening and closing by themselves, & apparitions of 2 different women.

San Antonio - St. Martin Hall - This place is the elementary across from Our Lady of the Lake University. It is said that when it use to be a border school there was a girl that was killed in the restroom. Unusual things have happened such as lights being .. they were turned off and things have gone missing.

San Antonio - Stinson Field Cemetery and the Stinson Field ghost - It is said that the cemetery next to Stinson Municipal Airport (formerly Stinson Field) is haunted by blue lights over certain graves at night, which are in fact visible from the road when you're driving by. One of the old hangars at the Airport itself is also haunted, presumably by a man who was killed while starting his plane... though it's a condemned hangar used for long term storage only. Both of these, interestingly enough, are on the way to the Ghost Tracks of Shane and Villamin roads..

San Antonio - The Menger Hotel - Haunted by 38 known ghosts, including Teddy Roosevelt, a lady in blue, Sallie White who is a murdered chamber maid, Captain Richard King, and many others. My sister, who is a little psychic, had an experience here. Our family was sleeping in the new portion of the hotel, and she woke up in the early hours and saw a misty "cowboy" like-person standing in the room with his back turned to her. He had a blank stare on his face and just stood for several minutes before leaving. Many of Teddy Roosevelt's rough riders haunt the bar.

San Antonio - Terrel Castle Bed and Breakfast - This bed and breakfast is said to be haunted by the original lady of the house and some children. The lady has been sensed in the library, and the children play on the stairs.

San Antonio - Trinity University - The Chapman Graduate Center and the Holt Center - are known places for things that are unexplained. At the Graduate center bottom floor you walk-by and you feel a feeling that you need to get out of there fast. Nasty feeling to feel. Many housekeeping and Officers feel the same feeling. At the Holt center, some members of the housekeeping will not enter there alone or/and at night. Police officers have felt that same feeling, to include supervisors.

San Antonio - University of the Incarnate Word - Dubuis Hall - - a former nun is said to haunt students in the night with many reporting uneasy feelings and the sensation of being watched. Another girl claimed that she awoke one morning to find her stuffed animals had been totally rearranged in neat order during the night.

San Antonio - University of the Incarnate Word - Main Administration Building - built in 1922, has cold spots and reports of a student?s radio dial (non-digital) begin scanning through stations on its own. This same admin building's top (4th) floor was once used as a quarantine for victims of tuberculosis and has seen its share of deaths, which might account for the activity. Additionally, on the 3rd floor of the Admin building, a 5-year-old boy chasing a bouncing ball has been spotted regularly.

San Antonio - Victoria's Black Swan Inn - There have been numerous ghostly experiences.

San Antonio - Villa Main Railroad Tracks - Haunted by the children killed in a 1930's fatal school bus accident. The bus reportedly stalled on the tracks and was consequently hit by a train, killing all in the bus. It is said that if you pull your car onto those tracks, the children will push your car over the tracks to safety. Baby powder placed the bumper of the endangered car is said to show the handprints of the small children.

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THIS REALLY WOULD MEAN A LOT TO ME IF YOU WOULD REPOST THIS,RANDY RHOADS IS CARRYED ON AN LIVES WITH IN US AND STAYS ALIVE THANKS TO SPECIAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU AN LittleMissOzzy Date: Feb 17, 2006 6:04 PM For those of you that have not yet signed my Randy Rhoads tribute card please do so now! For those of you that have signed it please re-post this bulletin so all your friends can sign it too. I even included a auto re-post button for those of you that dont know how to re-post. Thank you! I love you all and have a great weekend....... Cheri~LittleMissOzzy Check
                                    Out for hundreds of custom blinkies

Help me spread the word that Randy should NOT be forgotten.....
On March 19th, 2006(the 24th Anniversary of Randy's death) I will be attending Randy's memorial to pay my respect's to the great guitar legend and his mother Delores. For all of those Randy fans out there that dont have the luxury of living 10 minutes from the cemetery, you can still join me in paying tribute by adding your name to my tribute card. I did this for the last memorial on his birthday at the last minute but got alot of late replies so I wanted to give more notice this time and hopefully resulting in a big turnout of names. You do not need to add me to your friend list to put your name on the card(but your welcome to if you wish) you can send me a message from my profile (LittleMissOzzy) with:( Randy )in the subject and your name the way you want it to be read in the DONOTBLOCKOURADSDONOTBLOCKOURADSDONOTBLOCKOURADSDONOTBLOCKOURADSDONOTBLOCKOURADSDONOTBLOCKOURADSbody please limit it to one line of text.
Randy Rhoads is gone!
But his guitar lives on!
Thank you!
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